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 PC Services

Technology Consultants are experienced professionals, certified by Microsoft, Comptia and other key vendors.

We are equipped to correct your hardware, software and networking problems and to provide objective advice on how to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Even the smallest businesses can benefit from a well designed and implemented network. Benefits include: shared resources such as printers, data storage and internet access; security and vital data back-up; cost effective administration. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

If you are considering a new network, upgrading an existing one or relocating, call us.

We have years of networking experience and are independent of all hardware and software vendors.

Protecting your network, computers and data from attack by hackers, viruses and, yes, disgruntled employees is essential these days.

Even networks initially designed with good security and data back-up measures become vulnerable over time.

Technology Consultant security specialists can evaluate your system’s vulnerabilities and develop strategies that provide the security you need.
Surveillance Services

The most basic video surveillance setup would be a single camera connected directly to a monitor display and a recorder to store the video. While a setup like this could help residential security in some cases, it may not be enough for some homes. Certain situations call for multiple cameras. In other cases, you may even want a moveable camera to cover a large area around your residence. 

Also consider a monitored alarm home security system. With an array of devices to detect intruder motion, note changes in room temperature, and notify neighbors and passers by, provide the tools you need to protect your home and loved ones and it may be more affordable than you realize.
 Home Theater Services

Our training is detailed. Whether you're mounting a new flat panel TV, installing speakers on the wall, our experienced installers have the know-how to get things done right. Want to transform the layout of your home theater system? Our M-tek technicians can work with you to develop a solution that works for you.

We'll wear the proper gear to keep your floors and walls clean, and we'll vacuum areas where the work was performed. Plus, we come equipped with our own tools, and vacuum cleaners.

We can transform your overall experience with home theater technology!
Surround Sound and Whole Home Audio Systems

In order to minimize the amount of audio devices that may be scattered throughout a home, a whole house audio system that allows you to listen to multiple audio sources in each room is a solution to any clutter problem. Listen to your favorite radio stations, CDs, MP3s, iPod, satellite radio, or cable music stations from discreet in-wall or ceiling mounted speakers with individual volume controls for every room.

With the installation of a whole home audio system, the ease of controlling audio devices is simplified. With the touch of a button from a wall mounted keypad or touchpad remote, you can experience audio throughout your home indoor and out.

Call us today at 772-521-3282 to schedule your free in home consultation. We specialize in a variety of home theater systems, flat panel solutions, home automation systems, whole house audio solutions and much more.

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