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Here are the basic types of televisions currently available:

  • Analog: An analog TV cannot display progressive-scan DVD or HDTV. It can show only standard-definition programs such as those found on regular TV, cable, or satellite–including digital cable and DirecTV or Dish Network.
  • Digital: A digital television, sometimes called a DTV, can also display progressive-scan DVD and almost always HDTV.
  • EDTV: This stands for Enhanced-Definition TV, and usually it describes a television that can display HDTV signals but doesn’t have enough resolution to really do them justice. Most often it applies to plasma TVs and denotes 852×480 pixels.
  • HDTV: High-definition televisions, or HDTVs, can display standard TV, progressive-scan DVD, and HDTV signals. They’re by far the most common type of digital television.


  • The types of connections needed are usually the most important factor when choosing any home-theater equipment. You might find it useful to write down the connectors you have on your home-theater gear so you can’t forget when you’re shopping. Perhaps more important, keep in mind the connections on the gear you’re hoping to buy in the future.
  • What ‘HD Ready’ means:  “HD Ready” isn’t an official term, but it’s not really a lot of sales bull, either. It does, however, mean that no tuner is included with the TV.
  • Concerned that the image will appear fuzzy as screen size increases? Don’t forget that high-def images let you sit closer to the screen. [The resolution is higher, so images remain in sharp focus.]
  • You’ll definitely want a digital/high-def cable box. You’ll want connections to handle every programming source you currently have and every source you think you’ll eventually want. There’s no such thing as having too many inputs.
  • New TV sets are required to include ATSC tuners and should be able to receive HDTV signals if they’re in a good signal location and have a good antenna.
  • Over-the-air digital broadcasts: You should currently have digital broadcasts available over the air. Check AntennaWeb.org to see what programming is available in your area.


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