Windows Shortcuts to Success

Use your keyboard for faster Windows control

Most Windows Programs

Save the current document

          <Ctrl> -S

Open a new document

          <Ctrl> -0

Undo the last thing you did

          <Ctrl> -Z or <Alt>-<Backspace>

Undo the last undo

          <Ctrl> -Y

Select the entire current document

          <Ctrl> -A

Delete the selection and move it to the clipboard

          <Ctrl> -X

Copy the selection to the clipboard

          <Ctrl> -C

Paste the clipboard’s contents into the current program

          <Ctrl> -V

Open the Print dialog box

          <Ctrl> -P

Turn italics on or off

          <Ctrl> -l

Turn bold on or off

          <Ctrl> -B

Launch a program’s search or find tool

          <Ctrl> -F

Move the cursor to the beginning of the document

          <Ctrl> - <Home>

Move the cursor to the end of document

          <Ctrl> - <End>

Switch between pen windows

          <Alt> - <Tab>


Internet Explorer


Go to the Address bar

          <Alt> -D

Refresh the current Web page

          <F5> or <Ctrl> -r

Refresh current Web page reguardless of time- stamps

          <Ctrl> - <F5>

Stop downloading a Web page


Show or hide the Search Bar

          <Ctrl> -E

Open the Find dialog box

          <Ctrl> -F or <F3>

Show or hide the History bar

          <Ctrl> -H

Show or hide the Favorites bar

          <Ctrl> -I

Add current page to Favorites

          <Ctrl> -D

Toggle full-screen mode on or off


Open a new browser window

          <Ctrl> -N

Go to your Home Page

          <Alt> -Home

Open the Open Dialog box to go to another Web site

          <Ctrl> -0 or <Ctrl> -L

Go Backward

          <Alt> -left arrow

Go forward

          <Alt> -right arrow




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